Trailblazer Controls Corp. stocks many PRelectronics products including: isolators, converters, displays, power supplies and many other items often required for quick delivery.  Click on the PRelectronics logo to visit their site and view more products and details, or just give us a call and tell us your requirements and will will make a recommendation.

Transmitters and sensors converting industrial process temperature signals to analog, bus or digital communication.


- 3101 Thermocouple Converter
- 3102 RTD Converter

- 3111 Thermocouple Converter - Isolated

- 3112 RTD Converter - Isolator

- 3113 HART® temperature converter

- 3331 Temperature Converter, Loop-powered - Isolated

- 3333 RTD Converter, Loop-powered

- 3337 HART® Temperature Converter, Loop-powered - Isolated

- 5102 RTD Transmitter

- 5131A 2-wire programmable transmitter

- 5331A 2-wire programmable transmitter
- 5331D 2-wire programmable transmitter
- 5333A 2-wire programmable transmitter

- 5333D 2-wire programmable transmitter
- 5334A 2-wire programmable transmitter

- 5334B 2-wire programmable transmtitter
- 5335A 2-wire transmitter with HART® protocol
- 5335D 2-wire transmitter with HART® protocol

- 5337A 2-wire transmitter with HART® protocol

- 5337D 2-wire transmitter with HART® protocol

- 5350A PROFIBUS® PA / FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus transmitter

- 5350B PROFIBUS® PA / FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus transmitter

- 6331A 2-wire programmable transmitter

- 6331B 2-wire programmable transmitter

- 6333A 2-wire programmable transmitter

- 6333B 2-wire programmable transmitter

- 6334A 2-wire programmable transmitter
- 6335A 2-wire HART® transmitter

- 6335D 2-wire HART® transmitter

- 6337A 2-wire HART® transmitter

- 6337D 2-wire HART® transmitter

- 6350A PROFIBUS® PA / FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus transmitter

- 6350B PROFIBUS® PA / FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus transmitter

- 2914 2-wire room temperature transmitter

Reliable displays for any environment. Complete range of panel meters for display readout of process signals with universal input and supply capabilities.


- 5531A Loop-powered LCD indicator
- 5531B Loop-powered LCD indicator

- 5714 Programmable LED indicator

- 5715 Programmable LED indicator

- 5725 Programmable frequency indicator

A unique range of single devices that accept a wide range of inpust and provides a wide range of outputs.  This means that multiple applications are covered.  These devices are ofetn used as many sites standard.


- 4104 Universal uni- / bipolar signal transmitter

- 4114 Universal transmitter

- 4116 Universal transmitter

- 4131 Universal trip amplifier

- 4222 Universal I/f converter
- 5114A Programmable transmitter

- 5115A Signal calculator

- 5116A Programmable transmitter

Eliminate measurement errors with better isolation. Compact, fast 6 mm isolators with exceptional performance and EMC-immunity for dedicated applications.

- 3103 Isolated Repeater
- 3104 Isolated Converter

- 3105 Isolated Converter

- 3108 Isolated Repeater / Splitter

- 3109 Isolated Converter / Splitter

- 3114 Isolated Universal Converter

- 3117 Bipolar Isolated Converter

- 3118 Bipolar isolated converter / splitter

- 3185 Loop Powered Isolater

- 3186 Two-Wire Transmitter Isolator

- 5104A Repeater Power Supply

- 5106A HART® transparent repeater

- 6185 Loop Powered Isolator

- 2204 Isolation Amplifier

- 2279 AC / DC Transmitter

- 2284 Isolation Amplifier

Utah Residual Chlorine Monitor, Q46H, Q45, ATi

The ATi model Q46H Chlorine Monitor (Analyzer, Transmitter) system uses a polarographic membraned sensor to measure chlorine directly, without the need for chemical reagents.

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A-T Controls has made a name for themselves with their valve products.  In addition to ball valves, they manufacture butterfly valves, electric and pneumatic actuators and valve accessories.  With their complete line of valves they have a product offering sure to meet your requirements.

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