We provide complete, turn-key, stand-alone solar power systems for remote and isolated instruments that require a power source.

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We offer panels from many different manufacturers, and power options.

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Controller Assemblies

Assemblies normally consist of:

1- Charge Controller : ASC 12/8 (8Amps / 12 Volts)

3- Circuit breakers – Rated for 10 Amps.

6- Din Rail mountable  Power Terminal Blocks.

1- Wiring Kit – pre-wiring and #10AWG Batt-Reg Cable.

1- Back Panel to fit Most Enclosures.


  • Quick and Easy Installation

  • Back Plate is Compatible with Most Enclosures

  • Adjustable Tension Screw

  • Quick to Ship

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We distribute enclosures to accommodate a wide range of off-grid applications. Our enclosures have the flexibility to meet all your storage needs.

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Mounting Hardware

Solar panel mounts attach to the side of a pole providing a sound, sturdy, and dependable mounting foundation.

Mounts can be attached using standard u-bolts (not included).


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Utah Residual Chlorine Monitor, Q46H, Q45, ATi

The ATi model Q46H Chlorine Monitor (Analyzer, Transmitter) system uses a polarographic membraned sensor to measure chlorine directly, without the need for chemical reagents.

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A-T Controls has made a name for themselves with their valve products.  In addition to ball valves, they manufacture butterfly valves, electric and pneumatic actuators and valve accessories.  With their complete line of valves they have a product offering sure to meet your requirements.

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