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Plastic Valve Manufacturer

Trailblazer Controls has been providing valves, actuator and control packages for many years for some ot the most demanding applications.  Whatever your requirements are, we appreciate opportunities to earn your business.

We offer most ball valve types and quick delivery.


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Knife Gate Valves


Standard features include:

  • All cast stainless steel construction

  • Compact wafer configuration to Tappi and MSS standard face to face

  • Non-clogging, full-port design. Designed to handle dense mixtures of stock and slurries

  • Available in sizes from 2" to 72" diameter

  • 150 PSI working pressure. Flanges match ANSI B16.5 - 150 lb standard with all holes tapped.

  • Custom designed knife gate valve to your specifications.

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Globe Control Valves

Globe control valves have rugged bodies with a variety of trim options.

The equal percentages plugs in 2-way valves and linear plugs in 3-way valves provide excellent modulating control of a wide variety of fluids.

Ideally suited where value and long life are important objectives for applications including but not limited to: Food & Beverage, Packaged Water Heaters, Pharmaceutical, General Service, and Waste Water having moderate pressure drops and temperatures from -20º to 400ºF.

Class II, III & IV Shutoffs

High Performance Butterfly Valves
Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves


  • Automated with Pneumatic Spring Return Actuator

  • Automated with Pneumatic Double Acting Actuator

  • Automated with Electric Actuator (optional Explosion Proof)

  • Wafer and Lug Style

  • Sizes 2” - 24” in Stock (larger sizes available)

Weir, Straight, High Flow, flanged, threaded, sanitary, saunders, gie, global industrial equipment
Diaphragm Valves

Choose the economical and versatile diaphragm valve design for general use or for tough corrosive and abrasive services.

Available with a wide range of manual and automatic actuators, these valves are available with weir style and straightway body flow patterns.

  • Threaded or Weld end sizes range from 1/2″ thru 3″

  • Flanged end sizes range 1/2″ thru 12″

  • Pressure ratings to 200 psi and temperatures to 340 F.


We provide replacement diaphragms for GIE, Saunders, Dow and Hills McAnna valves.

Weir, Straight, High Flow, flanged, threaded, sanitary, saunders, gie, global industrial equipment
Plastic Valves

Corrosion resistant thermoplastic valves that are designed and engineered to perform under the harshest environments.


  • Ball Valves

  • Diaphragm Valves

  • Butterfly Valves

  • Strainers

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Special Service Valves

We offer valves for some of the most difficult process applications.

Such as:

  • Ceramic Ball Valves

  • Chlorine Service Valves

  • Teflon Lined Ball Valves

  • Teflon Lined Ball Check Valves

  • Steam Jacketed Valves, molten sulfur services


pneumatic, electric, double, single, acting, rotary, linear, 2R, WE, WX, explosion proof,

We provide complete valve actuation packages for rotary and linear valves

  • Pneumatic:
      Rack & Pinion

        Spring Fail

        Double Acting

        Single Acting

        Quarter turn

  • Electric:


        Sping fail

        Explosion Proof

Utah Residual Chlorine Monitor, Q46H, Q45, ATi

The ATi model Q46H Chlorine Monitor (Analyzer, Transmitter) system uses a polarographic membraned sensor to measure chlorine directly, without the need for chemical reagents.

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A-T Controls has made a name for themselves with their valve products.  In addition to ball valves, they manufacture butterfly valves, electric and pneumatic actuators and valve accessories.  With their complete line of valves they have a product offering sure to meet your requirements.

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